Definition of jerk verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; dʒɜːrk
[transitive, intransitive] to move or to make something move with a sudden short sharp movementjerk something (+ adverb/preposition) He jerked the phone away from her.She jerked her head up.+ adverb/preposition The bus jerked to a halt.He grabbed a handful of hair and jerked at it.jerk something + adjective She got to the door and jerked it open.
Phrasal verbs

jerk somebody around

(informal, especially North American English) to make things difficult for somebody, especially by not being honest with themConsumers are often jerked around by big companies.

jerk off

(taboo, slang) (of a man) to masturbate

jerk out


jerk something out

to say something in a quick and awkward way because you are nervous