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    BrE BrE//ˈdʒuːniə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈdʒuːniər//
    Job titles
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    of low rank
  1. 1  [usually before noun] having a low rank in an organization or a profession junior employees junior to somebody She is junior to me. See related entries: Job titles
  2. in sport
  3. 2  [only before noun] connected with young people below a particular age, rather than with adults, especially in sports the world junior tennis championships
  4. son
  5. 3Junior (abbreviation Jnr, Jr) (especially in US) used after the name of a man who has the same name as his father, to avoid confusion compare the younger
  6. school/college
  7. 4[only before noun] (British English) (of a school or part of a school) for children under the age of 11 or 13 a junior school
  8. 5[only before noun] (North American English) connected with the year before the last year in a high school or college I spent my junior year in France.
  9. compare senior
    Word OriginMiddle English (as an adjective following a family name): from Latin, comparative of juvenis ‘young’.Extra examples She’s quite junior in the organization. a very junior officer My daughter goes into the junior school next year. The world junior tennis championships will be held in Paris next month. the junior department
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