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    BrE BrE//ˈliːdə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈliːdər//
    Athletics, Business people
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  1. 1  a person who leads a group of people, especially the head of a country, an organization, etc. a political/spiritual, etc. leader the leader of the party union leaders He was not a natural leader. She's a born leader. See related entries: Business people
  2. 2  a person or thing that is the best, or in first place in a race, business, etc. She was among the leaders of the race from the start. The company is a world leader in electrical goods. see also market leader See related entries: Athletics
  3. 3(British English) (also concertmaster North American English, British English) the most important violin player in an orchestra
  4. 4(British English) = editorial
  5. Extra examples Business leaders have been in talks with the government. Discuss any problems with your team leader. Milner and Whyte remain joint leaders in the Player of the Year event. She is the elected leader of the group. Some of our senior leaders have been with the company all of their careers. The company was an early leader in global manufacturing. These young people will be the future leaders of our nation. They are trying to figure out who will emerge as the leader of this pack. We aim to overtake the market leaders within two years. We need to make our political leaders accountable. a former US Senate majority leader a meeting with world leaders at the G8 summit civil rights leader Martin Luther King ten points behind league leaders Manchester United the undisputed leader in her field A strong leader is one who is not afraid of listening to people. Germany stands out as the leader in environmental reporting. He resigned as leader of the Democratic Party. He was not a natural leader. It is built by the industry leader in fibreglass yacht construction. She’s a born leader. The firm is a leader in the field of product safety evaluation. The importance of the imams as spiritual leaders is at the heart of the doctrine. The team are just 3 points behind the league leaders. There will be round-table talks between political leaders in Northern Ireland. They are the brand leader for herbs and spices in the UK.
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