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    BrE BrE//liːk//
    ; NAmE NAmE//liːk//
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  1. 1a small hole or crack that lets liquid or gas flow in or out of something by accident a leak in the roof a leak in the gas pipe CollocationsDecorating and home improvementHouses refurbish/​renovate/ (British English) do up a building/​a house convert a building/​house/​room into homes/​offices/(especially North American English) apartments/(British English) flats extend/​enlarge a house/​building/​room/​kitchen build (British English) an extension (to the back/​rear of a house)/(North American English) an addition (on/​to something)/(British English) a conservatory knock down/​demolish a house/​home/​building/​wall knock out/​through the wall separating two roomsDecoration furnish/​paint/ (especially British English) decorate a home/​house/​apartment/​flat/​room be decorated in bright colours/(especially US English) colors/​in a traditional style/​with flowers/​with paintings paint/​plaster the walls/​ceiling hang/​put up/​strip off/​remove the wallpaper install/​replace/​remove the bathroom fixtures/(British English) fittings build/​put up shelves lay wooden flooring/​timber decking/​floor tiles/​a carpet/​a patio put up/​hang/​take down a picture/​painting/​poster/​curtainDIY/​home improvement do (British English) DIY/​carpentry/​the plumbing/​the wiring make home improvements add/​install central heating/​underfloor heating/​insulation fit/​install double-glazing/​a smoke alarm insulate your house/​your home/​the walls/​the pipes/​the tanks/(especially British English) the loft fix/​repair a roof/​a leak/​a pipe/​the plumbing/​a leaking (especially British English) tap/(usually North American English) faucet block/​clog (up)/unblock/​unclog a pipe/​sink make/​drill/​fill a hole hammer (in)/pull out/​remove a nail tighten/​untighten/​loosen/​remove a screw saw/​cut/​treat/​stain/​varnish/​paint wood
  2. 2liquid or gas that escapes through a hole in something a gas leak oil leaks/leaks of oil
  3. 3a deliberate act of giving secret information to the newspapers, etc. a leak to the press about the government plans on tax There will be an inquiry into the alleged security leaks.
  4. 4(slang) an act of passing urine from the body to have/take a leak
  5. Word Originlate Middle English: probably of Low German or Dutch origin and related to lack.Extra examples Fortunately, we spotted the leak in time. I managed to plug the leak. If you have no idea where the gas leak is coming from, it is always best to turn the complete system off. Pollution inspectors were called to a leak from a chemical factory. The boat had a small leak. The dismantling of a nuclear reprocessing plant caused a leak of radioactivity yesterday. The leak could only have come from one source. The organization’s press secretary is thought to be the source of the leak. The pipe has sprung a leak. The plumber fixed the leak. a leak from the prime minister’s office a leak of confidential material a leak of dangerous chemicals a leak to the American authorities a security leak about a number of suspicious deaths among civil servants an alleged leak of a CIA employee’s name to the media serious leaks of US intelligence steps that can be taken to prevent gas leaks in the future taking steps to prevent gas leaks in the future There has been a leak to the press about the government plans on tax. There will be an enquiry into the alleged security leaks.Idioms (of a boat or container) to develop a hole through which water or another liquid can pass
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