Definition of lightness noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



    BrE BrE//ˈlaɪtnəs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈlaɪtnəs//
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  1. 1the quality of being easy to lift or move; the fact of not weighing very much or of weighing less than usual the lightness of the package opposite heaviness (1)
  2. 2the quality of being delicate in appearance rather than large and solid the lightness of the structure opposite heaviness (4)
  3. 3the quality of being gentle or delicate; the fact of not using much force the lightness of her touch
  4. 4the quality of not being great in amount, degree, etc. the lightness of the traffic at this time of day opposite heaviness (3)
  5. 5the quality of being easy to do; the fact that something does not make you feel tired the lightness of the work
  6. 6the quality of not being severe the lightness of the punishment
  7. 7the quality of being cheerful or entertaining rather than serious She handles the material with great lightness of touch. opposite heaviness (8)
  8. 8the feeling of being cheerful and free from worry lightness of heart opposite heaviness of heart
  9. 9the quality in food of being easy to digest (1) because it is small in quantity or low in fat opposite heaviness (7) Their food is known for its lightness and freshness.
  10. 10the quality of being pale in colour the lightness of her eyes opposite darkness (2)
  11. 11the quality of being full of light; the fact of having the natural light of day The lightness and brightness of the room delighted her. opposite darkness (1)