Definition of little adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; ˈlɪtl
[usually before noun]
The forms littler /ˈlɪtlə(r)/ and littlest /ˈlɪtlɪst/ are rare. It is more common to use smaller and smallest.
1 not big; small; smaller than othersa little housea little group of touristsa little old ladythe classic little black dress‘Which do you want?’ ‘I'll take the little one.’She gave a little laugh. (British English) We should manage, with a little bit of luck.Here's a little something(= a small present) for your birthday.2 used after an adjective to show affection or dislike, especially in a patronizing way (= one that suggests that you think you are better than somebody)The poor little thing! It's lost its mother.What a nasty little man!She's a good little worker.He'd become quite the little gentleman.3 younga little boy/girlmy little brother/sister(= younger brother/sister)I lived in America when I was little.4 (of distance or time) shortA little while later the phone rang.Shall we walk a little way?5 not important; not seriousI can't remember every little detail.You soon get used to the little difficulties.littleness
; ˈlɪtlnəs
noun [uncountable]

a little bird told me

(informal) used to say that somebody told you something but you do not want to say who it was
more at great/tall oaks from little acorns grow at oak, (it's) no/little/small wonder (that)… at wonder n.