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    BrE BrE//ˈmeɪntənəns//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmeɪntənəns//
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  1. 1maintenance (of something) the act of keeping something in good condition by checking or repairing it regularly The school pays for heating and the maintenance of the buildings. car maintenance
  2. 2maintenance (of something) the act of making a state or situation continue the maintenance of international peace
  3. 3(law, British English) money that somebody must pay regularly to their former wife, husband or partner, especially when they have had children together He has to pay maintenance to his ex-wife. child maintenance a maintenance order (= given by a court of law) see also alimony
  4. Word OriginMiddle English (in the sense ‘aiding a party in a legal action without lawful cause’): from Old French, from maintenir, from Latin manu tenere ‘hold in the hand’.Extra examples He was jailed for failing to pay maintenance arrears. Keep warranty papers and maintenance records for any vehicle you own. She was working in the garden, doing weeding and general maintenance. The building has received no regular maintenance since it was vacated in 1998. The engine is designed for easy maintenance. The house requires minimal maintenance. The power station has been shut down for essential maintenance. The system is expensive and requires high maintenance. The use of hard surfaces in the garden is intended to reduce maintenance. These fences are fairly rugged but they require periodic maintenance. This type of garden requires minimal maintenance. We carry out routine maintenance of the equipment. We provide a maintenance service on all our products. a company that provides mechanical maintenance his high-maintenance girlfriend He doesn’t know anything about car maintenance! Several lines are closed due to essential maintenance work. The new system has reduced maintenance costs.
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