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Marilyn Monroe

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(1926-62) a US actor who became Hollywood's most famous sex symbol, though she was often unhappy. Her films include Niagara (1952), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), The Seven Year Itch (1954), Bus Stop (1956), The Prince and the Showgirl (1957), Some Like It Hot (1959) and The Misfits (1961). Her second and third husbands were the baseball player Joe DiMaggio and the writer Arthur Miller. Many books and films have told her story, and the original version of Elton John song Candle in the Wind was about her. She died, perhaps accidentally, after taking too much medicine to help her sleep. Many people believe she had love affairs with President Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy.
I had the radio on.
Marilyn Monroe when asked if she really had nothing on in a photograph