Definition of marry verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; ˈmæri
marries, marrying, married, married
1 [transitive, intransitive] to become the husband or wife of somebody; to get married to somebodymarry (somebody) She married a German.He was 36 when he married Viv.He never married.I guess I'm not the marrying kind(= the kind of person who wants to get married).+ adjective They married young.
It is more common to say
They're getting married next month.
They're marrying next month.
2 [transitive] marry somebody to perform a ceremony in which a man and woman become husband and wifeThey were married by the local priest.3 [transitive] marry somebody (to somebody) to find a husband or wife for somebody, especially your daughter or son4 [transitive] marry something and/to/with something (formal) to combine two different things, ideas, etc. successfully
The music business marries art and commerce.

marry in haste (, repent at leisure)

(saying) people who marry quickly, without really getting to know each other, may discover later that they have made a mistake

marry money

to marry a rich person
Phrasal verbs

marry into something

to become part of a family or group because you have married somebody who belongs to itShe married into the aristocracy.

marry somebody off (to somebody)

(disapproving) to find a husband or wife for somebody, especially your daughter or son

marry something up (with something)

to combine two things, people or parts of something successfully
Usage noteUsage note: Marriage and divorceRomancefall/be (madly/deeply/hopelessly) in love (with somebody)be/believe in/fall in love at first sightbe/find true love/the love of your lifesuffer (from) (the pains/pangs of) unrequited lovehave/feel/show/express great/deep/genuine affection for somebody/somethingmeet/marry your husband/wife/partner/fiancé/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriendhave/go on a (blind) datebe going out with/(especially North American English) dating a guy/girl/boy/man/womanmove in with/live with your boyfriend/girlfriend/partnerWeddingsget/be engaged/married/divorcedarrange/plan a weddinghave a big wedding/a honeymoon/a happy marriagehave/enter into an arranged marriagecall off/cancel/postpone your weddinginvite somebody to/go to/attend a wedding/a wedding ceremony/a wedding receptionconduct/perform a wedding ceremonyexchange rings/wedding vows/marriage vowscongratulate/toast/raise a glass to the happy couplebe/go on honeymoon (with your wife/husband)celebrate your first (wedding) anniversarySeparation and divorcebe unfaithful to/(informal) cheat on your husband/wife/partner/fiancé/fiancée/boyfriend/girlfriendhave an affair (with somebody)break off/end an engagement/a relationshipbreak up with/split up with/(informal) dump your boyfriend/girlfriendseparate from/be separated from/leave/divorce your husband/wifeannul/dissolve a marriageapply for/ask for/go through/get a divorceget/gain/be awarded/have/lose custody of the childrenpay alimony/child support (to your ex-wife/husband)