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    BrE BrE//ˈmembəʃɪp//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmembərʃɪp//
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  1. 1  [uncountable] (British English) membership (of something) (North American English) membership (in something) the state of being a member of a group, a club, an organization, etc. Who is eligible to apply for membership of the association? a membership card/fee
  2. 2  [countable + singular or plural verb] the members, or the number of members, of a group, a club, an organization, etc. The membership has/have not yet voted. The club has a membership of more than 500.
  3. Extra examples He has resigned his membership of the club. He hopes to increase membership and attract new funding. He maintains an active membership in the association. Individual student memberships cost about as much as the average movie. Our membership base spanned every age. She eventually stopped active membership in the group. She has held membership in the club since the late 1950s. She was denied membership in the fine arts club. The general membership had called for her to step down. They restricted their membership to those of direct German descent. one-week trial memberships people who claim membership in such groups to apply for union membership
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