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BrE BrE//ˈmɪdwaɪf//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈmɪdwaɪf//
(pl. midwives
BrE BrE//ˈmɪdwaɪvz//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈmɪdwaɪvz//
Medical staff, Birth, Professions
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a person, especially a woman, who is trained to help women give birth to babies compare doula Wordfinderbirth, breech birth, caesarean, contraction, deliver, induce, labour, midwife, obstetrics, umbilical cord See related entries: Medical staff, Birth, Professions Word OriginMiddle English: probably from the obsolete preposition mid ‘with’ + wife (in the archaic sense ‘woman’), expressing the sense ‘a woman who is with (the mother)’.
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