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BrE BrE//mɪˈrækjələs//
; NAmE NAmE//mɪˈrækjələs//
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like a miracle; completely unexpected and very lucky synonym extraordinary, phenomenal miraculous powers of healing She's made a miraculous recovery. A teenage boy had a miraculous escape from death last night when he fell into an ice cold-river. Word Originlate Middle English: from French miraculeux or medieval Latin miraculosus, from Latin miraculum ‘object of wonder’, from mirari ‘to wonder’, from mirus ‘wonderful’.Extra examples Something truly miraculous happened. a near miraculous escape a transformation that was little short of miraculous an almost miraculous escape Doctors feared she would die but she’s made a miraculous recovery. She wished that something miraculous would happen and Miles would fall in love with her. The child had a miraculous escape when the firework exploded in her hand. The results have been quite miraculous. The x-ray treatment produced the most miraculous result.
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