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    BrE BrE//mɪs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//mɪs//
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    title/form of address
  1. 1  Miss used before the family name, or the first and family names, of a woman who is not married, in order to speak or write to her politely That's all, thank you, Miss Lipman. compare Mrs, Ms
  2. 2Miss a title given to the winner of a beauty contest in a particular country, town, etc. Miss Brighton the Miss World contest
  3. 3Miss (informal) used especially by men to address a young woman when they do not know her name Will that be all, Miss?
  4. 4Miss (British English, informal) used as a form of address by children in some schools to a woman teacher, whether she is married or not Good morning, Miss! compare sir
  5. 5(old-fashioned) a girl or young woman
  6. not hit, catch, etc.
  7. 6a failure to hit, catch or reach something He scored two goals and had another two near misses.
  8. Word Originnoun sense 6 Old English missan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch and German missen. noun senses 1 to 5 mid 17th cent.: abbreviation of mistress.Idioms (informal, especially British English) to decide not to do something, eat something, etc. I think I'll give badminton a miss tonight.
    a miss is as good as a mile
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    (saying) there is no real difference between only just failing in something and failing in it badly because the result is still the same
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