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    BrE BrE//ˈmɪʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmɪʃn//
    Space travel
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    official job/group
  1. 1[countable] an important official job that a person or group of people is given to do, especially when they are sent to another country a trade mission to China a fact-finding mission a mercy mission to aid homeless refugees
  2. 2[countable] a group of people doing such a job; the place where they work the head of the British mission in Berlin
  3. teaching Christianity
  4. 3 [countable, uncountable] the work of teaching people about Christianity, especially in a foreign country; a group of people doing such work a Catholic mission in Africa Gandhi’s attitude to mission and conversion
  5. 4 [countable] a building or group of buildings used by a Christian mission
  6. your duty
  7. 5[countable] particular work that you feel it is your duty to do synonym vocation Her mission in life was to work with the homeless.
  8. of armed forces
  9. 6[countable] an important job that is done by a soldier, group of soldiers, etc. The squadron flew on a reconnaissance mission. CollocationsWar and peaceStarting a war declare/​make/​wage war (on somebody/​something) go to war (against/​with somebody) cause/​spark/​provoke/​foment/​quell unrest incite/​lead/​crush/​suppress a revolt/​rebellion launch/​mount/​carry out a surprise/​terrorist attack prevent/​halt/​represent an escalation of the conflict be torn apart by/​be on the brink of civil war enter/​invade/​occupy somebody’s territory lead/​launch/​resist/​repel an invasionMilitary operations adopt/​develop/​implement/​pursue a military strategy carry out/​execute/​perform military operations/​manoeuvres/(especially US English) maneuvers send/​deploy/​station/​pull back/​withdraw troops go on/​fly/​carry out a reconnaissance/​rescue mission train/​equip/​deploy army/​military/​combat units lead/​launch/​conduct a raid/​a surprise attack/​an (air/​airborne/​amphibious) assault (on somebody) employ/​use guerrilla tactics conduct/​wage biological/​guerrilla warfare fight/​crush/​defeat the rebels/​the insurgency suffer/​inflict a crushing defeat achieve/​win a decisive victory halt/​stop the British/​German/​Russian advance order/​force a retreatFighting join/​serve in the army/​navy/​air force be/​go/​remain/​serve on active duty serve/​complete/​return from a tour of duty be sent to the front (line) attack/​strike/​engage/​defeat/​kill/​destroy the enemy see/​report/​be engaged in heavy fighting call for/​be met with armed resistance come under heavy/​machine-gun/​mortar fire fire a machine-gun/​mortar shells/​rockets (at somebody/​something) shoot a rifle/​a pistol/​bullets/​missiles launch/​fire a cruise/​ballistic/​anti-tank missile use biological/​chemical/​nuclear weapons inflict/​suffer/​sustain heavy losses/​casualties be hit/​killed by enemy/​friendly/​artillery fire become/​be held as a prisoner of warCivilians in war harm/​kill/​target/​protect innocent/​unarmed civilians cause/​avoid/​limit/​minimize civilian casualties/​collateral damage impose/​enforce/​lift a curfew engage in/​be a victim of ethnic cleansing be sent to an internment/​a concentration camp accept/​house/​resettle refugees fleeing from war fear/​threaten military/​violent reprisals commit/​be accused of war crimes/​crimes against humanity/​genocideMaking peace make/​bring/​win/​achieve/​maintain/​promote peace call for/​negotiate/​broker/​declare a ceasefire/​a temporary truce sign a ceasefire agreement call for/​bring/​put an end to hostilities demand/​negotiate/​accept the surrender of somebody/​something establish/​send (in) a peacekeeping force negotiate/​conclude/​ratify/​sign/​accept/​reject/​break/​violate a peace treaty
  10. space flight
  11. 7[countable] a flight into space a US space mission mission control (= the people on earth who control and communicate with the people on the mission) Wordfinderastronaut, countdown, dock, launch, mission, orbit, rocket, satellite, space, weightless See related entries: Space travel
  12. task
  13. 8[countable] (British English, informal) a task or journey that is very difficult and takes a long time to complete It's a mission to get there.
  14. Word Originmid 16th cent. (denoting the sending of the Holy Spirit into the world): from Latin missio(n-), from mittere ‘send’.Extra examples An aid team will be sent on a mission to the earthquake zone. He flew a total of 41 missions over Britain. He now has a mission in life: to expand the horizons of those around him. He was often out of the office on various missions. He was sent on a secret mission approved by the Pentagon. He’s been on several shuttle missions over the last decade. It was too late to launch a rescue mission. Many regard his task as mission impossible. Our mission accomplished, we headed for home. The US is sending a trade mission to China. The captain instructed them to abort the mission. The spacecraft lost contact with mission control. Their mission ended in failure. You can tell by the determined way he talks that he is a man with a mission. a joint Anglo-American mission a successful spacecraft mission to Venus experiments conducted on a space mission Do not return until you have accomplished your mission. He is the head of the British mission in Berlin. He will be part of a four-member UN fact-finding mission to the disputed region. His lack of humour and austere sense of mission alienated many of his colleagues. It was a joint mission between France and Germany. She led a recent trade mission to China. They undertook a fact-finding mission in the region. UN troops were sent on a mercy mission to the disaster site. We will continue our mission to close the gap between customers’ expectations and the reality. What they’ve presented us with is mission impossible.Idioms used when you have successfully completed what you have had to do