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BrE BrE//məʊˈtel//
; NAmE NAmE//moʊˈtel//
(also motor lodge) (North American English also motor inn) Holiday accommodation
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a hotel for people who are travelling by car, with space for parking cars near the rooms More Like ThisBlended or portmanteau wordsalcopop, breathalyser, bromance, brunch, chillax, chugger, docusoap, edutainment, greenwash, guesstimate, infomercial, mechatronics, metrosexual, mockney, motel, multiplex, pleather, podcast, robocall, simulcast, sitcom, smog, staycation, telethon, televangelist, workaholic See worksheet. See related entries: Holiday accommodation Word Origin1920s: blend of motor and hotel.Extra examples We spent a night at a motel on the way. 640 miles later we arrived at a motel in Germany. Harry was lying on his bed in his motel room. She was arrested in a Los Angeles motel room. There are plenty of cheap roadside motels just outside town. They pulled into the motel parking lot. We checked into a motel in Santa Barbara.
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