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    BrE BrE//ˈməʊʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmoʊʃn//
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  1. 1   [uncountable, singular] the act or process of moving or the way something moves Newton’s laws of motion The swaying motion of the ship was making me feel seasick. (formal) Do not alight while the train is still in motion (= moving). Rub the cream in with a circular motion. see also slow motion
  2. 2[countable] a particular movement made usually with your hand or your head, especially to communicate something synonym gesture At a single motion of his hand, the room fell silent. She made a sawing motion with her hand.
  3. 3[countable] a formal proposal that is discussed and voted on at a meeting to table/put forward a motion to propose a motion (= to be the main speaker in favour of a motion) The motion was adopted/carried by six votes to one. Wordfinderargument, ayes, chair, debate, the floor, motion, propose, second, speak, vote
  4. 4[countable] (British English, formal) an act of emptying the bowels; the waste matter that is emptied from the bowels
  5. Word Originlate Middle English: via Old French from Latin motio(n-), from movere ‘to move’.Extra examples Do not open the door when the train is in motion. He made little flapping motions with his arms. He proposed a motion of no confidence in the government. Only delegates may introduce motions and vote. She could feel the rolling motion of the ship under her feet. The Opposition tabled a motion calling for the prime minister’s resignation. The board tabled a motion calling for her resignation. The insects are stirred into motion by the heat of the sun. The motion (was) carried. The motion was defeated by 51 votes to 43. The motion was passed by 165 votes to 78. The motion was put before the conference. The motion was put to the conference and fully debated. The motion will be debated later today. Too tight a grip will restrict the natural motion in your hands. the search for the secret of perpetual motion He wound the key and set the toy in motion. Please don’t stand while the bus is in motion. Scientists have never discovered the secret of perpetual motion. She made a slight motion with her hand. The swaying motion of the ship was making me feel sick. What was Newton’s first law of motion?Idioms
    go through the motions (of doing something)
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    to do or say something because you have to, not because you really want to
    set/put something in motion
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    to start something moving They set the machinery in motion. (figurative) The wheels of change have been set in motion.
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