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    BrE BrE//ˈmʌdi//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈmʌdi//
    (muddier, muddiest)
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  1. 1full of or covered in mud a muddy field/track muddy boots/knees Look, you’ve made the floor all muddy! Synonymsdirtydusty filthy muddy soiled grubby stainedThese words all describe somebody/​something that is not clean.dirty not clean; covered with dust, soil, mud, oil, etc:If your hands are dirty, go and wash them.dusty full of dust; covered with dust:There were shelves full of dusty books.filthy very dirty and unpleasant:It’s absolutely filthy in here.muddy full of or covered in mud:Don’t you come in here with those muddy boots on!soiled (rather formal) dirty, especially with waste from the body:soiled nappies/​diapersgrubby (rather informal) rather dirty, usually because it has not been washed:He hoped she wouldn’t notice his grubby shirt cuffs.stained (often in compounds) covered with stains; marked with a stain (= a dirty mark that is difficult to remove):a pair of paint-stained jeansPatterns dirty/​dusty/​filthy/​muddy/​soiled/​grubby/​stained clothes dirty/​dusty/​filthy/​grubby hands a dirty/​dusty/​filthy room to get dirty/​dusty/​filthy/​muddy/​stained
  2. 2(of a liquid) containing mud; not clear muddy water a muddy pond
  3. 3(of colours) not clear or bright muddy green/brown
  4. Extra examples My boots were all muddy. The rain had made the field very muddy. The rain had made the football pitch extremely muddy. We all got a bit muddy and wet. Don’t you come in here with those muddy boots on! Look, you’ve made the floor all muddy. The grass was very muddy from constant rain. The water where the dolphins were kept was so muddy that they could not see anything. We drove along the muddy track.
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