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BrE BrE//nɪˈɡlekt//
; NAmE NAmE//nɪˈɡlekt//
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[uncountable] neglect (of something/somebody) the fact of not giving enough care or attention to something/somebody; the state of not receiving enough care or attention The law imposes penalties for the neglect of children. The buildings are crumbling from years of neglect. The place smelled of decay and neglect. See related entries: How a building looks Word Originearly 16th cent.: from Latin neglect- ‘disregarded’, from the verb neglegere, from neg- ‘not’ + legere ‘choose, pick up’.Extra examples After years of neglect the house is at last being restored. He was reprimanded for neglect of duty. Medical neglect occurs when medical care is withheld. She had concentrated on her music to the neglect of her other studies. The 18th-century interior of the building has survived through benign neglect. The buildings suffered neglect for centuries. The doctor was guilty of serious neglect of duty. The maximum penalty for child neglect is ten years’ imprisonment. children who are victims of deliberate parental neglect cruelty by neglect the suffering of children through neglect Government neglect of public services has led to serious problems. The buildings are crumbling from years of neglect. The case will collapse without evidence of criminal neglect. The focus on extra-curricular activities has led to a neglect of academic work. The law imposed penalities for the neglect of children.
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