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; ˈnaɪtlaɪf
entertainment that is available in the evening and at night
Our hotel was a short walk from the beach and the local nightlife.
Usage noteUsage note: Town and countryTownlive in a city/a town/an urban environment/(informal) a concrete jungle/the suburbs/shanty towns/slumslive (especially North American English) downtown/in the downtown area/(British English) in the city centreenjoy/like the hectic pace of life/the hustle and bustle of city lifecope with the stress/pressure of urban lifeget caught up in the rat raceprefer/seek the anonymity of life in a big citybe drawn by/resist the lure of the big cityhead for the bright lights (of the big city/New York)enjoy/love the vibrant/lively nightlifehave/be close to all the amenitiesbe surrounded by towering skyscrapers/a soulless urban sprawluse/travel by/rely on (British English) public transport/(North American English) public transportationput up with/get stuck in/sit in massive/huge/heavy/endless/constant traffic jamstackle/ease/reduce/relieve/alleviate the heavy/severe traffic congestionbe affected/choked/damaged by pollutionCountrylive in a village/the countryside/an isolated area/a rural backwater/(informal) the sticksenjoy/like the relaxed/slower pace of lifeenjoy/love/explore the great outdoorslook for/find/get/enjoy a little peace and quietneed/want to get back/closer to naturebe surrounded by open/unspoilt/picturesque countrysideescape/quit/get out of/leave the rat raceseek/achieve a better/healthy work-life balancedownshift to a less stressful lifeseek/start a new life in the country(British English, informal) up sticks/(North American English, informal) pull up stakes and move to/head for…create/build/foster a strong sense of communitydepend on/be employed in/work in agriculturelive off/farm/work the landtackle/address the problem of rural unemployment
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