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BrE BrE//naɪn//
; NAmE NAmE//naɪn//
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  • 9 There are examples of how to use numbers at the entry for five.
  • Word OriginOld English nigon, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch negen and German neun, from an Indo-European root shared by Sanskrit nava, Latin novem, and Greek ennea.Idioms
    dressed (up) to the nines
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    (informal) wearing very elegant or formal clothes
    (especially of a cat) to be very lucky in dangerous situations a person or thing that makes people excited for a short time but does not last very long almost every time I'm always emailing her, but nine times out of ten she doesn't reply. the normal working hours in an office I work nine to five. a nine-to-five job
    possession is nine tenths of the law
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    (saying) if you already have or control something, it is difficult for somebody else to take it away from you, even if they have the legal right to it
    (informal, especially North American English) everything, or a situation which includes everything When Dan cooks dinner he always goes the whole nine yards, with three courses and a choice of dessert.
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