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    BrE BrE//nəʊz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//noʊz//
    Parts of a plane, Face
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  1. 1   [countable] the part of the face that sticks out above the mouth, used for breathing and smelling things He broke his nose in the fight. She wrinkled her nose in disgust. He pressed his nose up against the window. He blew his nose (= cleared it by blowing strongly into a handkerchief). a blocked/runny nose Stop picking your nose! (= removing dirt from it with your finger) CollocationsPhysical appearance A person may be described as having:Eyes (bright) blue/​green/(dark/​light) brown/​hazel eyes deep-set/​sunken/​bulging/​protruding eyes small/​beady/​sparkling/​twinkling/(informal) shifty eyes piercing/​penetrating/​steely eyes bloodshot/​watery/​puffy eyes bushy/​thick/​dark/​raised/​arched eyebrows long/​dark/​thick/​curly/​false eyelashes/​lashesFace a flat/​bulbous/​pointed/​sharp/​snub nose a straight/​a hooked/​a Roman/(formal) an aquiline nose full/​thick/​thin/​pouty lips dry/​chapped/​cracked lips flushed/​rosy/​red/​ruddy/​pale cheeks soft/​chubby/​sunken cheeks white/​perfect/​crooked/​protruding teeth a large/​high/​broad/​wide/​sloping forehead a strong/​weak/​pointed/​double chin a long/​full/​bushy/​wispy/​goatee beard a long/​thin/​bushy/​droopy/​handlebar/​pencil moustache/ (especially US English) mustacheHair and skin pale/​fair/​olive/​dark/​tanned skin dry/​oily/​smooth/​rough/​leathery/​wrinkled skin a dark/​pale/​light/​sallow/​ruddy/​olive/​swarthy/​clear complexion deep/​fine/​little/​facial wrinkles blonde/​blond/​fair/(light/​dark) brown/(jet-)black/​auburn/​red/(British English) ginger/​grey hair straight/​curly/​wavy/​frizzy/​spiky hair thick/​thin/​fine/​bushy/​thinning hair dyed/​bleached/​soft/​silky/​dry/​greasy/​shiny hair long/​short/​shoulder-length/​cropped hair a bald/​balding/​shaved head a receding hairline a bald patch/​spot a side/​centre/(US English) center (British English) parting/ (North American English) partBody a long/​short/​thick/​slender/(disapproving) scrawny neck broad/​narrow/​sloping/​rounded/​hunched shoulders a bare/​broad/​muscular/​small/​large chest a flat/​swollen/​bulging stomach a small/​tiny/​narrow/​slim/​slender/28-inch waist big/​wide/​narrow/​slim hips a straight/​bent/​arched/​broad/​hairy back thin/​slender/​muscular arms big/​large/​small/​manicured/​calloused/​gloved hands long/​short/​fat/​slender/​delicate/​bony fingers long/​muscular/​hairy/​shapely/(both informal, often disapproving) skinny/​spindly legs muscular/​chubby/(informal, disapproving) flabby thighs big/​little/​small/​dainty/​wide/​narrow/​bare feet a good/​a slim/​a slender/​an hourglass figure be of slim/​medium/​average/​large/​athletic/​stocky build see also nasal, parson’s nose, Roman nose See related entries: Face
  2. 2-nosed (in adjectives) having the type of nose mentioned red-nosed large-nosed see also hard-nosed, toffee-nosed More Like This Compound adjectives for physical characteristics -beaked, -bellied, -billed, -blooded, -bodied, -cheeked, -chested, -eared, -eyed, -faced, -fingered, -footed, -haired, -handed, -headed, -hearted, -hipped, -lidded, -limbed, -mouthed, -necked, -nosed, -skinned, -tailed, -throated, -toothedSee worksheet.
  3. 3[countable] the front part of a plane, spacecraft, etc. Heat detectors are fitted in the nose of the missile. See related entries: Parts of a plane
  4. 4[singular] a nose for something a special ability for finding or recognizing something synonym instinct As a journalist, she has always had a nose for a good story.
  5. 5[singular] a sense of smell a dog with a good nose
  6. 6[singular] (of wine) a characteristic smell synonym bouquet
  7. Word OriginOld English nosu, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch neus, and more remotely to German Nase, Latin nasus, and Sanskrit nāsā.Extra examples Cats have very sensitive noses and rely heavily on scent markings. Charlie pressed his nose against the window. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He pushed the nose down for the final approach. He stuck his bulbous red nose back into his pint of beer. He tapped his nose in a knowing gesture. His nose wrinkled with distaste. I had to wear a black moustache and false nose for the role. People who live in that area tend to look down their noses at their poorer neighbours. She dressed up as a clown with a white face and red nose. She had dark eyes and a long narrow nose. She had to wear a false nose for the role. She walked in with her nose in the air, ignoring everyone. She walked with her shoulders back and her nose pointing skyward. She was weeping loudly and her nose was running. She wasn’t happy with her appearance so she had a nose job. She wrinkled her nose as if she had just smelled a bad smell. Stop poking your nose into my business! The boy sat there with his finger up his nose. The children turn up their noses at almost everything I cook. The dog pushed its wet nose into my palm. The plane’s nose dipped as it started descending towards the runway. The sharp nose and thin lips gave his face a very harsh look. The traffic was nose to tail for miles. They tend to look down their noses at people who drive small cars. They thumb their noses at all of our traditions. a child with a runny noseIdioms
    cut off your nose to spite your face
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    (informal) to do something when you are angry that is meant to harm somebody else but which also harms you
    1. 1to be guided by your sense of smell
    2. 2to go straight forward The garage is a mile ahead up the hill—just follow your nose.
    3. 3to act according to what seems right or reasonable, rather than following any particular rules
    get up somebody’s nose
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    (British English, informal) to annoy somebody
    have your nose in something
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    (informal) to be reading something and giving it all your attention Peter always has his nose in a book.
    (British English, informal) to look around a place; to look for something in a place I’ll have a nose round and see what I can find.
    it’s no skin off my, your, his, etc. nose
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    (informal) used to say that somebody is not upset or annoyed about something because it does not affect them in a bad way
    (informal) to avoid doing anything wrong or illegal Since leaving prison, he's managed to keep his nose clean.
    keep your nose out of something
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    to try not to become involved in things that do not concern you
    keep your nose to the grindstone
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    (informal) to work hard for a long period of time without stopping
    lead somebody by the nose
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    to make somebody do everything you want; to control somebody completely
    look down your nose at somebody/something
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    (informal, especially British English) to behave in a way that suggests that you think that you are better than somebody or that something is not good enough for you synonym look down on somebody/something
    (British English) if cars, etc. are nose to tail, they are moving slowly in a long line with little space between them See related entries: Motoring problems and accidents (informal, especially North American English) exactly The budget should hit the $136 billion target on the nose.
    pay through the nose (for something)
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    (informal) to pay too much money for something
    (as) plain as a pikestaff, (as) plain as day, (as) plain as the nose on your face
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    very obvious
    poke/stick your nose into something
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    (informal) to try to become involved in something that does not concern you He’s always poking his nose into other people’s business.
    (old-fashioned) a polite way of referring to the fact that a woman is going to the toilet/bathroom I'm just going to powder my nose.
    put somebody’s nose out of joint
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    (informal) to upset or annoy somebody, especially by not giving them enough attention
    rub somebody’s nose in it
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    (informal) to keep reminding somebody in an unkind way of their past mistakes
    thumb your nose at somebody/something
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    to make a rude sign with your thumb on your nose; to show that you have no respect for somebody/something The company just thumbs its nose at the legislation on pollution.
    turn your nose up at something
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    (informal) to refuse something, especially because you do not think that it is good enough for you
      under somebody’s nose (informal)
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    1. 1if something is under somebody’s nose, it is very close to them but they cannot see it I searched everywhere for the letter and it was under my nose all the time!
    2. 2if something happens under somebody’s nose, they do not notice it even though it is not being done secretly The police didn't know the drugs ring was operating right under their noses.
    with your nose in the air
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    (informal) in a way that is unfriendly and suggests that you think that you are better than other people
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