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    BrE BrE//əˈmɪʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//əˈmɪʃn//
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  1. 1[uncountable] omission (from something) the act of not including somebody/something or not doing something; the fact of not being included/done Everyone was surprised at her omission from the squad. The play was shortened by the omission of two scenes. sins of omission (= not doing things that should be done)
  2. 2[countable] a thing that has not been included or done There were a number of errors and omissions in the article.
  3. Word Originlate Middle English: from late Latin omissio(n-), from the verb omittere, from ob- ‘down’ + mittere ‘let go’.Extra examples I feel compelled to point out two omissions. I notice one glaring omission from your list. Several offences such as manslaughter may be committed by omission. The accident was not caused by any act or omission of the gas company. There were no glaring omissions in the report. her omission from the guest list the omission of the author’s name
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