Definition of online adjective from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; ˌɑːnˈlaɪn
; ˌɔːnˈlaɪn
controlled by or connected to a computer or to the Internet
Online shopping is both cheap and online databaseonline dating (= using the Internet to meet people in order to start a romantic relationship)online adverbThe majority of small businesses now do their banking online. see also offline, be, come, etc. on line at line n.
Usage noteUsage note: Email and the InternetEmailreceive/get/open an emailwrite/send/answer/forward/delete an emailcheck/read/access your emailblock/filter (out) junk/spam/unsolicited emailexchange email addressesopen/check your inboxjunk mail fills/floods/clogs your inboxhave/set up an email accountopen/send/contain an attachmentsign up for/receive email alertsConnecting to the Internetuse/access/log onto the Internet/the Webgo online/on the Internethave a high-speed/dial-up/broadband/wireless (Internet) connectionaccess/connect to/locate the serveruse/open/close/launch a/your web browserbrowse/surf/search/scour the Internet/the Websend/contain/spread/detect a (computer/email) virusupdate your anti-virus softwareinstall/use/configure a firewallaccept/enable/block/delete cookiesUsing the Internetvisit/check a website/an Internet site/somebody's blogcreate/design/launch a website/social networking sitestart/write/post/read a blogupdate your blog/a websitebe in/meet somebody in/go into/enter an Internet chat roomdownload/upload music/software/a song/a podcast/a file/a copy of somethingshare information/data/filespost a comment/message on a(n) website/online message board/web forum/internet chat roomstream video/audio/music/content over the Internetjoin/participate in/visit/provide a(n) (web-based/web/online/Internet/discussion) forumgenerate/increase/monitor Internet traffic