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open up

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1to begin shooting Anti-aircraft guns opened up.
  2. 2(often used in orders) to open a door, container, etc. Open up or we'll break the door down!

open up (to somebody)

(British English also open out (to somebody))
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to talk about what you feel and think; to become less shy and more willing to communicate It helps to discuss your problems but I find it hard to open up. He only opened up to her very slowly.

    open somethingup


    open up

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  1. 1to become or make something possible, available or able to be reached The new catalogue will open up the market for our products. The railway opened up the east of the country. Exciting possibilities were opening up for her in the new job.
  2. 2 to begin business for the day; to start a new business I open up the store for the day at around 8.30. opposite close up
  3. 3 to start a new business There's a new Thai restaurant opening up in town. opposite close down
  4. 4to develop or start to happen or exist; to develop or start something A division has opened up between the two ministers over the issue. Scott opened up a 3-point lead in the first game.
  5. 5 to appear and become wider; to make something wider when it is narrow or closed The wound opened up and started bleeding. The operation will open up the blocked passages around his heart. opposite close up
 to make something open that is shut, locked, etc. She laid the book flat and opened it up.
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