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    BrE BrE//ˌɒpəˈzɪʃn//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˌɑːpəˈzɪʃn//
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  1. 1  [uncountable] opposition (to somebody/something) the act of strongly disagreeing with somebody/something, especially with the aim of preventing something from happening Delegates expressed strong opposition to the plans. The army met with fierce opposition in every town. We cannot back down at the first sign of opposition. He spent five years in prison for his opposition to the regime. opposition forces (= people who are arguing, fighting, etc. with another group)
  2. 2  the opposition [singular + singular or plural verb] the people you are competing against in business, a competition, a game, etc. He's gone to work for the opposition. The opposition is/are mounting a strong challenge to our business. Liverpool couldn't match the opposition in the final and lost 2–0.
  3. 3  the Opposition (North American English the opposition) [singular + singular or plural verb] the main political party that is opposed to the government; the political parties that are in a parliament but are not part of the government the leader of the Opposition Opposition MPs/parties the Opposition spokesman on education Wordfindercabinet, checks and balances, constitution, federal, government, minister, the Opposition, parliament, politics, system See related entries: Parliament
  4. 4[uncountable, countable] (formal) the state of being as different as possible; two things that are as different as possible the opposition between good and evil His poetry is full of oppositions and contrasts.
  5. Word Originlate Middle English: from Latin oppositio(n-), from opponere ‘set against’.Extra examples Many people have voiced their opposition to these proposals. Opposition came primarily from students. She won against determined opposition from last year’s champion. The Conservative Party is now in opposition. The Democrats are unlikely to drop their opposition to his nomination. The authorities succeeded despite bitter opposition from teachers. The proposals met with violent opposition from the environmental lobby. The warring factions had united in opposition to the common enemy. There was fierce public opposition to the plan. They mounted an effective opposition to the bill. They see their role as a loyal opposition. We will brook no opposition to the strategy. a statement in direct opposition to party policy the leader of Her Majesty’s loyal Opposition Many fairy stories are based on the opposition between good and evil. Opposition forces have seized control of the airport.Idioms (of a political party) forming part of a parliament but not part of the government They returned to power after six years in opposition.
      in opposition to somebody/something
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    1. 1  disagreeing strongly with somebody/something, especially with the aim of preventing something from happening We found ourselves in opposition to several colleagues on this issue. Protest marches were held in opposition to the proposed law.
    2. 2contrasting two people or things that are very different Leisure is often defined in opposition to work.
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