Definition of park verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; pɑːrk
1 [intransitive, transitive] park (something) to leave a vehicle that you are driving in a particular place for a period of timeYou can't park here.You can't park the car here.He's parked very badly.a badly parked truckA red van was parked in front of the house.a parked car (informal, figurative) Just park your bags in the hall until your room is ready. see also double-park2 [transitive] park yourself + adverb/preposition (informal) to sit or stand in a particular place for a period of timeShe parked herself on the edge of the bed.3 [transitive] park something (business) (informal) to decide to leave an idea or issue to be dealt with or considered at a later meetingLet's park that until our next meeting.
Phrasal verbs

park up


park something up

(especially British English or Australian English) to find a place where you can park your vehicleThere was a police car parked up outside the warehouse.I couldn't get parked up anywhere near the restaurant.I parked up the moped and waited at the crossroads.