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    BrE BrE//piːs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//piːs//
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  1. 1  [uncountable, singular] a situation or a period of time in which there is no war or violence in a country or an area war and peace peace talks/negotiations The negotiators are trying to make peace between the warring factions. A UN force has been sent to keep the peace (= to prevent people from fighting). After years of war, the people long for a lasting peace. the Peace of Utrecht, 1713 (= the agreement ending the war) The two communities live together in peace. The countries have been at peace for more than a century. the peace movement (= that tries to prevent war by protesting, persuading politicians, etc.) CollocationsWar and peaceStarting a war declare/​make/​wage war (on somebody/​something) go to war (against/​with somebody) cause/​spark/​provoke/​foment/​quell unrest incite/​lead/​crush/​suppress a revolt/​rebellion launch/​mount/​carry out a surprise/​terrorist attack prevent/​halt/​represent an escalation of the conflict be torn apart by/​be on the brink of civil war enter/​invade/​occupy somebody’s territory lead/​launch/​resist/​repel an invasionMilitary operations adopt/​develop/​implement/​pursue a military strategy carry out/​execute/​perform military operations/​manoeuvres/(especially US English) maneuvers send/​deploy/​station/​pull back/​withdraw troops go on/​fly/​carry out a reconnaissance/​rescue mission train/​equip/​deploy army/​military/​combat units lead/​launch/​conduct a raid/​a surprise attack/​an (air/​airborne/​amphibious) assault (on somebody) employ/​use guerrilla tactics conduct/​wage biological/​guerrilla warfare fight/​crush/​defeat the rebels/​the insurgency suffer/​inflict a crushing defeat achieve/​win a decisive victory halt/​stop the British/​German/​Russian advance order/​force a retreatFighting join/​serve in the army/​navy/​air force be/​go/​remain/​serve on active duty serve/​complete/​return from a tour of duty be sent to the front (line) attack/​strike/​engage/​defeat/​kill/​destroy the enemy see/​report/​be engaged in heavy fighting call for/​be met with armed resistance come under heavy/​machine-gun/​mortar fire fire a machine-gun/​mortar shells/​rockets (at somebody/​something) shoot a rifle/​a pistol/​bullets/​missiles launch/​fire a cruise/​ballistic/​anti-tank missile use biological/​chemical/​nuclear weapons inflict/​suffer/​sustain heavy losses/​casualties be hit/​killed by enemy/​friendly/​artillery fire become/​be held as a prisoner of warCivilians in war harm/​kill/​target/​protect innocent/​unarmed civilians cause/​avoid/​limit/​minimize civilian casualties/​collateral damage impose/​enforce/​lift a curfew engage in/​be a victim of ethnic cleansing be sent to an internment/​a concentration camp accept/​house/​resettle refugees fleeing from war fear/​threaten military/​violent reprisals commit/​be accused of war crimes/​crimes against humanity/​genocideMaking peace make/​bring/​win/​achieve/​maintain/​promote peace call for/​negotiate/​broker/​declare a ceasefire/​a temporary truce sign a ceasefire agreement call for/​bring/​put an end to hostilities demand/​negotiate/​accept the surrender of somebody/​something establish/​send (in) a peacekeeping force negotiate/​conclude/​ratify/​sign/​accept/​reject/​break/​violate a peace treaty Wordfinderagreement, armistice, ceasefire, disengage, negotiate, peace, reparations, surrender, treaty, truce See related entries: Peacekeeping
  2. 2  [uncountable] the state of being calm or quiet She lay back and enjoyed the peace of the summer evening. I would work better if I had some peace and quiet. He just wants to be left in peace (= not to be disturbed). I need to check that she is all right, just for my own peace of mind (= so that I do not have to worry). He never felt really at peace with himself. (law) They were charged with disturbing the peace(= behaving in a noisy and violent way).
  3. 3  [uncountable] the state of living in friendship with somebody without arguing They simply can't seem to live in peace with each other. She felt at peace with the world. see also breach, Justice of the Peace Which Word?peace / peacefulness The noun peace can be used to talk about a peaceful state or situation:world peace I just need some peace and quiet. Peacefulness is not a common word. It means ‘the quality of being peaceful’.
  4. Word OriginMiddle English: from Old French pais, from Latin pax, pac- ‘peace’.Extra examples Although the two countries were officially at peace, fighting continued. An uneasy peace prevailed in the first days of the ceasefire. England finally made peace with France. For the first time in months, she felt calm and at peace with the world. Go away and leave me in peace! He was enjoying the peace of his study. Her father is at peace now. Her father is at peace= dead now. His country’s actions threaten peace in the region. Peace descended once more on the little town. She finally found inner peace and happiness. She stopped shouting, and peace reigned supreme once again. The Greeks hid inside a wooden horse left as a peace offering. The UN has resumed its efforts to broker peace. The computer comes with a three-year guarantee for peace of mind. The country is in a state of relative peace after ten years of fighting. The island is a haven of peace and tranquillity. The peace of the afternoon was suddenly shattered by a police siren. The president is visiting the country on a peace mission. This must not be allowed to hold up the peace process. UN troops are trying to keep the peace in the region. We aim to promote world peace by encouraging links between nations. a scene in the movie where Harry tries to make peace with his mother obstacles in the way of world peace peace between the warring factions in the area to live in peace and harmony After years of war, the people longed for a lasting peace. An uneasy peace settled over the region. Any hopes of peace between the two nations seem to have faded. England and France were once again at peace with each other. He just wants to be left in peace. He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. I need to check that she is all right, just for my own peace of mind. I would work better if I had some peace and quiet. Ironically the peace settlement was the cause of much future conflict. Obviously world peace is our ultimate goal. Over 20 heads of state attended the peace talks. Peace finally returned to the city streets. Peace protesters came out in force for the biggest demonstration ever. She was sent on a secret peace mission to her home country. The peace movement grew in strength during the Cold War years. The regime fell and peace reigned once more. The two communities now live together in peace. Their efforts to bring about a peace accord soon failed. They prayed for peace on earth. They were charged with disturbing the peace. Troops were brought in to keep the peace. UN peace-keeping forces were sent to the area. We have lived in a time of peace for several decades.Idioms (old-fashioned) to say nothing although you would like to give your opinion
    make (your) peace with somebody
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    to end an argument with somebody, usually by saying you are sorry He made peace with his brother when their father was dying.
    (there’s) no peace/rest for the wicked
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    (usually humorous) used when somebody is complaining that they have a lot of work to do
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