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BrE BrE//ˈpetrəl//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈpetrəl//
(British English) (North American English gas, gasoline) [uncountable] The power industry, Parts of a car
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a liquid obtained from petroleum, used as fuel in car engines, etc. to fill a car up with petrol to run out of petrol the petrol tank of a car an increase in petrol prices leaded/unleaded petrol compare diesel See related entries: The power industry, Parts of a car Word Originlate 19th cent.: from French pétrole, from medieval Latin petroleum, from Latin petra ‘rock’ (from Greek) + Latin oleum ‘oil’.Extra examples Can you smell petrol? My car runs on unleaded petrol. The air smelled of petrol. The price of a litre of unleaded petrol has risen. Thugs poured petrol over a homeless man and tried to set him alight. We ran out of petrol and had to walk to the nearest garage. An increase in petrol prices will lead to severe difficulties for the company. Does your car run on unleaded petrol? I’ve filled the car up with petrol. Make sure the lights are working, the tyres are inflated and the petrol tank is full before setting off.