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    BrE BrE//ˈplætfɔːm//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈplætfɔːrm//
    Computer software, Computer hardware, Footwear, Railway tracks and stations, Space travel
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    at train station
  1. 1  the raised flat area beside the track at a train station where you get on or off the train (British English) What platform does it go from? (British English) The train now standing at platform 1 is for Leeds. The train drew into the platform. British/​Americanplatform / track In British stations the platforms, where passengers get on and off trains, have numbers:The Edinburgh train is waiting at platform 4. In stations in the USA, it is the track that the train travels along that has a number:The train for Chicago is on track 9. compare track Wordfinderaisle, buffet, carriage, connection, locomotive, luggage rack, platform, station, track, train See related entries: Railway tracks and stations
  2. for performers
  3. 2  a flat surface raised above the level of the ground or floor, used by public speakers or performers so that the audience can see them synonym rostrum Coming onto the platform now is tonight's conductor, Jane Glover. Representatives of both parties shared a platform (= they spoke at the same meeting).
  4. raised surface
  5. 3  a raised level surface, for example one that equipment stands on or is operated from an oil/gas platform a launch platform (= for spacecraft) a viewing platform giving stunning views over the valley See related entries: Space travel
  6. politics/opinions
  7. 4[usually singular] the aims of a political party and the things that they say they will do if they are elected to power They are campaigning on an anti-immigration platform. They fought the election on a platform of low taxes.
  8. 5an opportunity or a place for somebody to express their opinions publicly or make progress in a particular area She used the newspaper column as a platform for her feminist views.
  9. computing
  10. 6the type of computer system or the software that is used a multimedia platform a mobile gaming platform The prevalence of smartphones has resulted in the migration of company information to mobile platforms. Wordfindercomputer, display, drive, keyboard, memory, platform, program, reboot, router, screen See related entries: Computer software, Computer hardware
  11. shoes
  12. 7a type of shoe with a high, thick sole; the sole on such a shoe platform shoes See related entries: Footwear
  13. on bus
  14. 8(British English) the open part at the back of a double-decker bus where you get on or off
  15. Word Originmid 16th cent.: from French plateforme ‘ground plan’, literally ‘flat shape’.Extra examples The king mounted the platform to loud cheers. The next train to depart from platform 2 is the 10.30 for London Paddington. The train at platform 3 is the 13.15 service to Liverpool. There’s a viewing platform for tourists. They fought the election on a platform of economic reform. Union leaders shared the platform with business leaders in a debate on the future of the industry. the promises in their election platform the waiting room on platform 7 Representatives of both parties shared a platform. She campaigned on a platform of zero tolerance towards racist behaviour. She used the newspaper column as a platform for her feminist views. The concert platform was high and almost semi-circular at the front. The party is debating its new platform. There were few alternative platforms to choose from in the election. They adopted a platform of non-intervention in foreign conflicts.
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