Definition of plead verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; pliːd
pleaded, pleaded, North American English also pled, pled
; pled
1 [intransitive, transitive] to ask somebody for something in a very strong and serious way
plead (with somebody) (to do something) She pleaded with him not to go.plead (with somebody) (for something) I was forced to plead for my child's life.pleading eyesplead to do something He pleaded to be allowed to see his mother one more time.+ speech ‘Do something!’ she pleaded.
2 [intransitive, transitive, no passive] to state in court that you are guilty or not guilty of a crime(+ adjective) to plead guilty/not guiltyHow do you plead? (= said by the judge at the start of the trial)The accused was deemed unfit to plead.plead something He advised his client to plead insanity (= say that he/she was mentally ill and therefore not responsible for his/her actions).3 [transitive] plead something to present a case to a courtThey hired a top lawyer to plead their case.4 [transitive, no passive] plead something (for something)| plead that… to give something as an explanation or excuse for somethingHe pleaded family problems for his lack of concentration.5 [transitive, intransitive] to argue in support of somebody/somethingplead something She appeared on television to plead the cause of political prisoners everywhere.plead for somebody/something The United Nations has pleaded for a halt to the bombing.