Definition of please verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary



; pliːz
1 [transitive, intransitive] please (somebody)| it pleases somebody to do something to make somebody happyYou can't please everybody.He's a difficult man to please.There's just no pleasing some people(= some people are impossible to please).I did it to please my parents.She's always very eager to please.
2 [intransitive] often used after as or what, where, etc. to mean ‘to want’, ‘to choose’ or ‘to like’ to do somethingYou may stay as long as you please.She always does exactly as she pleases.I'm free now to live wherever I please.

if you please

1 (old-fashioned, formal) used when politely asking somebody to do somethingTake a seat, if you please.2 (old-fashioned, especially British English) used to say that you are annoyed or surprised at somebody's actionsAnd now, if you please, he wants me to rewrite the whole thing!

please the eye

to be very attractive to look at

please God

used to say that you very much hope or wish that something will happen
Please God, don't let him be dead.

please yourself

(informal) used to tell somebody that you are annoyed with them and do not care what they do‘I don't think I'll bother finishing this.’ ‘Please yourself.’

please yourself


do as you please

to be able to do whatever you like
There were no children to cook for, so we could just please ourselves.