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BrE BrE//pɒnd//
; NAmE NAmE//pɑːnd//
In the garden
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  • a small area of still water, especially one that is artificial a fish pond See related entries: In the garden
  • Word OriginMiddle English: alteration of pound ‘a place where stray animals are kept’; commonly used in dialect in the same sense.Extra examples Five retention ponds were constructed to increase storage capacity. Her sunglasses had fallen into the pond. She swam across the pond. The Carters had a pond in their back yard. The dog raced around to the other side of the pond. The pond is drained every year. The ponds are fully stocked with rainbow trout. There are goldfish in the pond. There were some ducks swimming on the pond. Never throw litter into ponds or streams. a fish/​duck/​garden pondIdioms (informal) on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from Britain/the US See related entries: In the garden
    a big fish (in a small pond)
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    an important person (in a small community)
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