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    BrE BrE//preɪz//
    ; NAmE NAmE//preɪz//
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  1. 1  (less frequent praises [plural]) words that show approval of or admiration for somebody/something His teachers are full of praise for the progress he's making. She wrote poems in praise of freedom. His latest movie has won high praise from the critics. We have nothing but praise for the way they handled the investigation. The team coach singled out two players for special praise. She left with their praises ringing in her ears. They always sing his praises (= praise him very highly).
  2. 2  the expression of worship to God hymns/songs of praise Praise be (to God)! (= expressing belief or joy)
  3. Word OriginMiddle English (also in the sense ‘set a price on, attach value to’): from Old French preisier ‘to prize, praise’, from late Latin pretiare, from Latin pretium ‘price’. Compare with prize.Extra examples He was unstinting in his praise of his teacher. He wrote many poems in praise of his wife. His accomplishments won him wide public praise. My comment sounds like damning with faint praise. The French manager led the chorus of praise for the German team. The critics were full of praise for the film. The decision also won praise from local people. The newspapers were singing the president’s praises. The novels have won widespread critical praise. The patients interviewed had nothing but praise for the hospital staff. The play has attracted universal praise. The speech earned him lavish praise from the press. The team’s coach singled his goalkeeper out for praise. There were words of praise for the show’s designer. These artists deserve praise for the clarity of their visions. They earned praise for their efforts. This book is beyond praise. an article heaping praise on the government her praise of his skill much joyous singing and praise to God His teachers are full of praise for the progress he’s making. Praise be (to God)! They always sing his praises. hymns/​songs of praiseIdioms
    damn somebody/something with faint praise
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    to praise somebody/something only a little, in order to show that you do not really like them/it
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