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BrE BrE//prɪˈsɪʒn//
; NAmE NAmE//prɪˈsɪʒn//
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the quality of being exact, accurate and careful synonym accuracy done with mathematical precision Her writing is imaginative but lacks precision. Historians can’t estimate the date with any (degree of) precision. He chose his words with precision. precision instruments/tools Word Originmid 18th cent.: from French précision or Latin praecisio(n-), from praecidere ‘cut off’, from prae ‘in advance’ + caedere ‘to cut’.Extra examples Chimps are able to manipulate objects with a high degree of precision. He organized the team with military precision. His rambling writing style just lacks precision. The captain struck again with deadly precision. The movements are executed with the utmost precision. The rebels launched missiles with pinpoint precision. These items cannot be dated with any precision. They back their forces with precision air strikes. We can now choose our targets with greater precision. a new era of precision in engineering high precision measurement tools high-tech precision weapons precision measurements of these atoms surgery which requires great precision the finest timepieces and precision instruments Historians can’t estimate the date with any degree of precision. The buildings were neatly laid out with almost mathematical precision.
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