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    BrE BrE//prɪˈdɪktəbl//
    ; NAmE NAmE//prɪˈdɪktəbl//
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  1. 1if something is predictable, you know in advance that it will happen or what it will be like a predictable result The ending of the book was entirely predictable. The disease follows a highly predictable pattern. In March and April, the weather is much less predictable.
  2. 2(often disapproving) behaving or happening in a way that you would expect and therefore boring He's very nice, but I find him rather dull and predictable. Rock music is getting so predictable these days. See related entries: Boredom
  3. Extra examples He asked whether this was predictable from previous performances. I’m getting too predictable. Recent changes make the future even less predictable. The government’s reaction was sadly predictable. The results were utterly predictable. It was fairly predictable that there would be clashes between rival groups. Rock music has become so totally predictable. She had been in a number of predictable sitcoms. You’re becoming predictable and boring.
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