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BrE BrE//ˈpreɡnənsi//
; NAmE NAmE//ˈpreɡnənsi//
[uncountable, countable] (pl. pregnancies) Pregnancy
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the state of being pregnant Many women experience sickness during pregnancy. a pregnancy test unplanned/unwanted pregnancies the increase in teenage pregnancies CollocationsChildrenHaving a baby/​child want a baby/​a child/​kids start a family conceive/​be expecting/​be going to have a baby/​child miss your period become/​get/​be/​find out that you are pregnant have a baby/​a child/​kids/​a son/​a daughter/​twins/​a family have a normal/​a difficult/​an unwanted pregnancy; an easy/​a difficult/​a home birth be in/​go into/​induce labour (especially US English) labor have/​suffer/​cause a miscarriage give birth to a child/​baby/​daughter/​son/​twinsParenting bring up/ (especially North American English) raise a child/​family care for/ (especially British English) look after a baby/​child/​kid change (British English) a nappy/(North American English) a diaper/​a baby feed/​breastfeed/​bottle-feed a baby be entitled to/​go on maternity/​paternity leave go back/​return to work after maternity leave need/​find/​get a babysitter/​good quality affordable childcare balance/​combine work and childcare/​child-rearing/​family life educate/​teach/​home-school a child/​kid punish/​discipline/​spoil a child/​kid adopt a baby/​child/​kid offer a baby for/​put a baby up for adoption (especially British English) foster a child/​kid be placed with/​be raised by foster parents See related entries: PregnancyExtra examples Here’s what can happen as your pregnancy progresses. I tried hard to hide my pregnancy. Lower blood pressure is common in early pregnancy. She had a difficult pregnancy with her first child. Teen pregnancy rates have fallen. The doctor confirmed my pregnancy and told me to come back at 12 weeks. There are thousands of unwanted teenage pregnancies every year. They took no precautions to avoid pregnancy. You will be tested throughout your pregnancy. a home pregnancy test kit a woman who intends to carry her pregnancy to term emergency surgery for an ectopic pregnancy the difficult decision about whether to continue with a pregnancy the right of a woman to terminate her pregnancy twins or other multiple pregnancies women whose pregnancies have gone to term
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