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    BrE BrE//pres//
    ; NAmE NAmE//pres//
    The press
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  1. 1  (also the Press) [singular + singular or plural verb] newspapers and magazines the local/national/foreign press the popular/tabloid press (= smaller newspapers with a lot of pictures and stories about famous people) The story was reported in the press and on television. the music/sporting press (= newspapers and magazines about music/sport) Unlike the American, the British press operates on a national scale. the freedom of the Press/press freedom (= the freedom to report any events and express opinions) The event is bound to attract wide press coverage (= it will be written about in many newspapers). According to French press reports, three people have been killed. see also gutter press See related entries: The press
  2. 2  the press, the Press [singular + singular or plural verb] the journalists and photographers who work for newspapers and magazines The Press was/were not allowed to attend the trial. She has been harassed by the press, who desperately need a story.
  3. 3[singular, uncountable] the type or amount of reports that newspapers write about somebody/something The airline has had a bad press recently (= journalists have written unpleasant things about it). The demonstration got very little press.
  4. publishing/printing
  5. 4[countable, uncountable] a machine for printing books, newspapers, etc.; the process of printing them We were able to watch the books rolling off the presses. These prices are correct at the time of going to press. a story that is hot off the press (= has just appeared in the newspapers) see also printing press, stop press
  6. 5[countable] a business that prints and publishes books Oxford University Press
  7. equipment for pressing
  8. 6[countable] (especially in compounds) a piece of equipment that is used for creating pressure on things, to make them flat or to get liquid from them a trouser press a garlic press
  9. act of pushing
  10. 7[countable, usually singular] an act of pushing something with your hand or with a tool that you are holding He gave the bell another press. Those shirts need a press (= with an iron).
  11. crowd
  12. 8[singular] a large number of people or things competing for space or movement synonym throng the press of bodies all moving the same way Among the press of cars he glimpsed a taxi.
  13. cupboard
  14. 9[countable] (Irish English, Scottish English) a large cupboard, usually with shelves, for holding clothes, books, etc.
  15. Word Originnoun Middle English: from Old French presse (noun), presser (verb), from Latin pressare ‘keep pressing’, frequentative of premere.Extra examples Did the senator deliberately mislead the press? He issued a press statement insisting on his innocence. He kept a scrapbook containing press cuttings of his concerts. His latest novel didn’t get (a) very good press= was not praised in the media. She showed the doorman her press pass. Someone must have alerted the press that she was going to be there. Stop the presses! Dan has had a haircut! The company’s press office did not return the call. The newspaper goes to press at 6 o’clock. The president was briefed before meeting the press. The presses are already rolling. The right-wing press tried to stir up prejudice against immigrants. The spokesman addressed an international press corps. Their new book is in press. There was no mention of the incident in the national press. They introduced measures including muzzling the press and illegal detainment. We got to sit in the press box since my dad would be writing about the game. We’ve just received a copy of her latest book, hot off the press. extensive press coverage of the event
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