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public service broadcasting

BrE BrE//ˌpʌblɪk ˈsɜːvɪs brɔːdkɑːstɪŋ//
; NAmE NAmE//ˌpʌblɪk ˈsɜːrvɪs brɔːdkæstɪŋ//
[uncountable] Radio broadcasting, Producing TV shows
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radio and television programmes broadcast by organizations such as the BBC in Britain that are independent of government but are financed by public money Wordfinderair, announce, bulletin, jingle, phone-in, podcast, programme, public service broadcasting, radio, station See related entries: Radio broadcasting, Producing TV shows Culture The aim of public service broadcasting is to make programmes of a high standard that educate, inform and entertain, and the BBC received a royal charter to do this in 1927. Anyone who owns a television must pay a licence fee, which pays for the service.

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