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put off

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1  to cancel a meeting or an arrangement that you have made with somebody It's too late to put them off now. She put him off with the excuse that she had too much work to do.
  2. 2  to make somebody dislike somebody/something or not trust them/it She's very clever but her manner does tend to put people off. Don't be put off by how it looks—it tastes delicious. see also off-putting
  3. 3  (also put somebody off something) to disturb somebody who is trying to give all their attention to something that they are doing Don't put me off when I'm trying to concentrate. The sudden noise put her off her game.
  4. 4  (British English) (of a vehicle or its driver) to stop in order to allow somebody to leave I asked the bus driver to put me off at the station.

put somebody off somebody


put somebody off something

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 to make somebody lose interest in or enthusiasm for something/somebody He was put off science by bad teaching. put somebody off doing something The accident put her off driving for life.
 to change something to a later time or date synonym postpone, delay We've had to put off our wedding until September. put off doing something He keeps putting off going to the dentist.