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put up

 phrasal verb
phrasal verb
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Phrasal Verbs
  1. 1to show a particular level of skill, determination, etc. in a fight or contest They surrendered without putting up much of a fight. The team put up a great performance (= played very well).
  2. 2to suggest an idea, etc. for other people to discuss to put up an argument/a case/a proposal
  1. 1  to let somebody stay at your home We can put you up for the night.
  2. 2to suggest or present somebody as a candidate for a job or position The Green Party hopes to put up more candidates in the next election. We want to put you up for club treasurer.
  1. 1  to raise something or put it in a higher position to put up a flag She's put her hair up.
  2. 2  to build something or place something somewhere to put up a building/fence/memorial/tent Synonymsbuildconstruct assemble erect put something upThese words all mean to make something, especially by putting different parts together.build to make something, especially a building, by putting parts together:a house built of stone They’re going to build on the site of the old power station.construct [often passive] (rather formal) to build something such as a road, building or machineassemble (rather formal) to fit together all the separate parts of something such as a piece of furniture or a machine:The cupboard is easy to assemble.erect (formal) to build something; to put something in position and make it stand upright:Police had to erect barriers to keep crowds back.put something up to build something or place something somewhere:They’re putting up new hotels in order to boost tourism in the area.Patterns to build/​construct/​erect/​put up a house/​wall to build/​construct/​erect/​put up some shelves to build/​construct/​erect/​put up a barrier/​fence/​shelter to build/​construct/​assemble a(n) engine/​machine to build/​construct a road/​railway/​railroad/​tunnel to erect/​put up a tent/​statue/​monument
  3. 3  to fix something in a place where it will be seen synonym display to put up a notice
  4. 4  to raise or increase something They've put up the rent by £20 a month.
  5. 5to provide or lend money A local businessman has put up the £500 000 needed to save the club.
(especially British English) to stay somewhere for the night We put up at a motel.
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