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    BrE BrE//ˈkwɪəri//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈkwɪri//
    (pl. queries)
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  1. 1a question, especially one asking for information or expressing a doubt about something Our assistants will be happy to answer your queries. If you have a query about your insurance policy, contact our helpline.
  2. 2a question mark to show that something has not been finished or decided Put a query against Jack's name—I'm not sure if he's coming.
  3. Word Originmid 17th cent.: anglicized form of the Latin imperative quaere!, used in the 16th cent. in English as a verb in the sense ‘inquire’ and as a noun meaning ‘query’, from Latin quaerere ‘ask, seek’.Extra examples I posted my query on the website and got an immediate reply. I’ve a query to put to the last speaker. If you have any queries regarding this offer, simply call our helpline. We had queries from people all over the country. We regret that we cannot deal with queries on individual cases. Have you any queries about what you’re supposed to do? If you have a query about your policy, contact our helpline.
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