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    BrE BrE//kjuː//
    ; NAmE NAmE//kjuː//
    Motoring problems and accidents, Shopping in stores
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  1. 1(British English) (North American English line) a line of people, cars, etc. waiting for something or to do something the bus queue I had to join a queue for the toilets. How long were you in the queue? There was a queue of traffic waiting to turn right. CollocationsShoppingShopping go/​go out/​be out shopping go to (especially British English) the shops/(especially North American English) a store/(especially North American English) the mall do (British English) the shopping/(especially North American English) the grocery shopping/​a bit of window-shopping (North American English, informal) hit/​hang out at the mall try on clothes/​shoes indulge in some retail therapy go on a spending spree cut/​cut back on/​reduce your spending be/​get caught shoplifting donate something to/​take something to/​find something in (British English) a charity shop/(North American English) a thrift store buy/​sell/​find something at (British English) a car boot sale/(British English) a jumble sale/​a garage sale/(North American English) a yard sale find/​get/​pick up a bargainAt the shop/​store load/​push/​wheel (British English) a trolley/(North American English) a cart stand in/​wait in (British English) the checkout queue/(North American English) the checkout line (North American English) stand in line/ (British English) queue at the checkout bag (especially North American English) (your) groceries pack (away) (especially British English) your shopping stack/​stock/​restock the shelves at a store (with something) be (found) on/​appear on supermarket/​shop/​store shelves be in/​have in/​be out of/​run out of stock deal with/​help/​serve customers run a special promotion be on special offerBuying goods make/​complete a purchase buy/​purchase something online/​by mail order make/​place/​take an order for something buy/​order something in bulk/​in advance accept/​take credit cards pay (in) cash/​by (credit/​debit) card/(British English) with a gift voucher/(North American English) with a gift certificate enter your PIN number ask for/​get/​obtain a receipt return/​exchange an item/​a product be entitled to/​ask for/​demand a refund compare prices offer (somebody)/give (somebody)/get/​receive a 30% discount See related entries: Motoring problems and accidents, Shopping in stores
  2. 2 (computing) a list of items of data stored in a particular order
  3. Word Originlate 16th cent. (as a heraldic term denoting the tail of an animal): from French, based on Latin cauda ‘tail’. Compare with cue ‘long stick used for playing billiards, pool and snooker’. Sense (1) dates from the mid 19th cent.Extra examples He had to join the queue for the toilets. Long queues are building up on most of Britain’s motorways. Long queues are building up on the city’s exit roads. More unemployed people are joining the dole queue each week. Please form an orderly queue. The queue stretched for more than a mile. The queue’s not moving at all. a long queue of shoppers the country’s soaring prices and growing food queues the people in the queue the queue for tickets How long were you in the queue?Idioms
    jump the queue (British English) (US English jump the line)
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    to go to the front of a line of people without waiting for your turn
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