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    BrE BrE//reɪs//
    ; NAmE NAmE//reɪs//
    Groups of animals, Race, Equine sports
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  1. 1  [countable] race (between A and B) | race (against somebody) a competition between people, animals, vehicles, etc. to see which one is the faster or fastest a race between the two best runners of the club Who won the race? He's already in training for the big race against Bailey. Their horse came third in the race last year. a boat/horse/road, etc. race a five-kilometre race Shall we have a race to the end of the beach? see also drag race, horse race See related entries: Equine sports
  2. 2  [singular] a situation in which a number of people, groups, organizations, etc. are competing, especially for political power or to achieve something first race (for something) the race for the presidency race (to do something) The race is on (= has begun) to find a cure for the disease. see also rat race
  3. for horses
  4. 3the races [plural] a series of horse races that happen at one place on a particular day to go to the races See related entries: Equine sports
  5. people
  6. 4  [countable, uncountable] one of the main groups that humans can be divided into according to their physical differences, for example the colour of their skin the Caucasian/Mongolian, etc. race people of mixed race This custom is found in people of all races throughout the world. legislation against discrimination on the grounds of race or sex CollocationsRace and immigrationPrejudice and racism experience/​encounter racism/​discrimination/​prejudice/​anti-semitism face/​suffer persecution/​discrimination fear/​escape from/​flee racial/​political/​religious persecution constitute/​be a form of racial/​race discrimination reflect/​reveal/​show/​have a racial/​cultural bias be biased/​be prejudiced against (especially British English) black people/(both especially North American English) people of color/​African Americans/​Asians/​Africans/​Indians, etc. discriminate against minority groups/​minorities perpetuate/​conform to/​fit/​defy a common/​popular/​traditional/​negative stereotype overcome/​be blinded by deep-seated/​racial/(especially North American English) race prejudice entrench/​perpetuate racist attitudes hurl/​shout (especially British English) racist abuse; (especially North American English) a racist/​racial/​ethnic slur challenge/​confront racism/​discrimination/​prejudice combat/​fight (against)/tackle blatant/​overt/​covert/​subtle/​institutional/​systemic racismRace and society damage/​improve (especially British English) race relations practise/ (especially US English) practice (racial/​religious) tolerance/​segregation bridge/​break down/​transcend cultural/​racial barriers encourage/​promote social integration outlaw/​end discrimination/​slavery/​segregation promote/​embrace/​celebrate cultural diversity conform to/​challenge/​violate (accepted/​established/​prevailing/​dominant) social/​cultural norms live in a multicultural society attack/​criticize multiculturalism fight for/​struggle for/​promote racial equality perpetuate/​reinforce economic and social inequality introduce/​be for/​be against (British English) positive discrimination/(especially North American English) affirmative action support/​be active in/​play a leading role in the civil rights movementImmigration control/​restrict/​limit/​encourage immigration attract/​draw a wave of immigrants assist/​welcome refugees house/​shelter refugees and asylum seekers smuggle illegal immigrants into the UK deport/​repatriate illegal immigrants/​failed asylum seekers assimilate/​integrate new immigrants employ/​hire migrant workers exploit/​rely on (cheap/​illegal) immigrant labour/(especially US English) labor apply for/​gain/​obtain/​be granted/​be denied (full) citizenship have/​hold dual citizenship Wordfinderbias, discriminate, equal, feminism, homophobia, human right, marginalize, persecute, race, society See related entries: Race
  7. 5[countable] a group of people who share the same language, history, culture, etc. the Nordic races He admired Canadians as a hardy and determined race. see also human race
  8. animals/plants
  9. 6[countable] a breed or type of animal or plant a race of cattle See related entries: Groups of animals
  10. Word Originnoun senses 1 to 3 late Old English, from Old Norse rás ‘current’. It was originally a northern English word with the sense ‘rapid forward movement’, which gave rise to the senses ‘contest of speed’ (early 16th cent.) and ‘channel, path’. The verb dates from the late 15th cent. noun senses 4 to 6 early 16th cent. (denoting a group with common features): via French from Italian razza, of unknown ultimate origin.Extra examples Although there are five candidates, realistically it is a two-horse race. He dropped out of the race with a pulled muscle after two laps. He is lagging behind in the race for the presidency. He was paid $10 000 to throw the race. I get very nervous before a big race. I was leading the race until the half-way point. I’m not in this race. Immigration and race relations were key political issues at the time. Is she running in the big race on Saturday? Let’s have a race! People are saying that the race was fixed. She had to pull out of the race at the last minute. She has won the race for the last five years. The Amazons were a race of female warriors. The disease is more common among European races. The horse was withdrawn from today’s race meeting with an injured leg. The rival TV companies are in a race to bring out the first film drama of his life. There is a rumour that the race was fixed. There is no excuse for discrimination on the grounds of race. We can all work together, regardless of race. Who will win the race for the White House? a child of mixed race a race between the developing countries a race over 200 metres a race over two miles children from all races and religions discriminating against people on the grounds of race greater understanding between nations and races people of different races and cultures the University Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge the halting of the nuclear arms race the ideology of the master race the race against the Danish team the race for nuclear supremacy the race with their rivals Black and mixed race employees complained of harassment. Evidence suggests they were a race of nomadic hunters. He loves going to the races. He took part in a 10-mile road race at the weekend. He was injured in a fall at a US race meeting a fortnight ago. He won the 20th stage of the Tour of Spain cycle race yesterday. He’s already in training for the big race against Bailey. Historically, we tend to view the Vikings as a warlike race. I bet I’d win a race between the two of us! It’s a desperately close race, but I think Martinez is just ahead. It’s very easy to get caught up in the rat race. Polls give him the edge over his Democratic rival in the race for the presidency. The Kenyan took the women’s race comfortably. The novel is about a couple who get out of the rat race and buy a farm in France. The race is on to find a cure for this disease. There is legislation against discrimination on the grounds of race or sex. Two right-wing candidates lead the presidential race. We had a great day at the races. We need to halt the nuclear arms race between these countries.Idioms
    a one, two, three, etc. horse race
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    a competition or an election in which there are only one, two, etc. teams or candidates with a chance of winning The women’s competition was a two horse race between last year’s winners Surrey and the previous champions Essex.
    a race against time/the clock
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    a situation in which you have to do something or finish something very fast before it is too late Getting food to the starving refugees is now a race against time.
    race to the bottom (economics)
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    a situation in which companies and countries compete with each other to produce goods as cheaply as possible by paying low wages and giving workers poor conditions and few rights They are caught in the cheap food syndrome, the race to the bottom, the chase for the lowest cost of production globally.
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