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    BrE BrE//ˈreɪtɪŋ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈreɪtɪŋ//
    Radio broadcasting, Showing films, The navy, People in sea travel
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  1. 1[countable] a measurement of how good, popular, important, etc. somebody/something is, especially in relation to other people or things The poll gave a popular approval rating of 39% for the President. Education has been given a high-priority rating by the new administration. The ‘Cosby Show’ was the highest-rated network show with a rating of 26. see also credit rating
  2. 2the ratings [plural] a set of figures that show how many people watch or listen to a particular television or radio programme, used to show how popular a programme is The show has gone up in the ratings. The BBC is currently ahead in the ratings war. CollocationsTelevisionWatching watch television/​TV/​a show/(British English) a programme/(North American English) a program/​a documentary/​a pilot/​a rerun/​a repeat see (especially British English) an ad/(especially North American English) a commercial/​the news/​the weather catch/​miss a show/​a programme/​a program/​an episode/​the news pick up/​reach for/​grab the remote (control) change/​switch channel surf (through)/ (especially North American English) flip through/ (especially British English) flick through the channels sit in front of/​switch on/​switch off/​turn on/​turn off the television/​the TV/​the TV set have/​install satellite (TV)/cable (TV)/a satellite dishShowing show a programme/​a documentary/​an ad/​a commercial screen a programme/​a documentary run an ad/​a commercial broadcast/ (especially North American English) air/​repeat a show/​a programme/​a documentary/​an episode/​a series go out/​air/​be recorded live attract/​draw (in)/pull (in) viewers be a hit with viewers/​audiences/​critics get (low/​high) ratingsAppearing be on/​appear on television/​TV/​a TV show take part in a phone-in/​a game show/​a quiz show/​a reality TV show host a show/​a programme/​series/​a game show/​a quiz show/​a talk show/(British English) a chat show be/​become/​work as a/​an (British English) TV presenter/​talk-show host/​sports commentator/​anchorman/(British English) newsreader read/​present the news appear/​perform live (on TV)Programme-making do/​film/​make a show/​a programme/​a documentary/​an episode/​a pilot/​a series/​an ad/​a commercial work on a soap (opera)/a pilot (episode)/a sitcom write/​produce a drama/​sitcom/​spin-off/​comedy series See related entries: Radio broadcasting
  3. 3[countable] a number or letter that shows which groups of people a particular film/movie is suitable for The film was given a 15 rating by British censors. The movie carries an R rating. See related entries: Showing films
  4. 4[countable] (British English) a sailor in the navy who is not an officer See related entries: The navy, People in sea travel
  5. Extra examples Bringing her on the show was a cynical attempt to boost the ratings. He has the highest opinion poll rating of any president this century. He’s currently enjoying a favourable/​favorable rating with more than 50% of the electorate. His new sitcom was a ratings success. It has been ousted from top spot in the TV ratings. Most countries try to preserve their international credit rating in order to secure necessary loans. Standard & Poor’s lowered its credit rating for the company from A to BBB. The hospital has retained its top three-star rating. The hotel achieved a four-star rating. The judges gave her the maximum rating on style. The network’s prime-time ratings are up 150%. The overall performance rating puts the new model well ahead of its main rivals. The president’s ratings have suddenly rocketed. The programme’s ratings have dipped sharply. The ratings went shooting up overnight. The resort got a low rating for children’s facilities. The show continues to garner high ratings. The university scored a top rating among students. a drop of 50 points in her personal rating Education has been given a high-priority rating by the new government. His popularity rating dropped after the affair was revealed. It was a very good rating for an amateur performance. The poll gave an approval rating of 39% for the president.
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