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BrE BrE//rɔː//
; NAmE NAmE//rɔː//
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Word OriginOld English hrēaw, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch rauw and German roh, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek kreas ‘raw flesh’.Idioms
catch/touch somebody on the raw
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(British English) to upset somebody by reminding them of something they are particularly sensitive about
hit/touch a (raw/sensitive) nerve
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to mention a subject that makes somebody feel angry, upset, embarrassed, etc. You touched a raw nerve when you mentioned his first wife. See related entries: Embarrassment
  1. 1in a way that does not hide the unpleasant aspects of something He spent a couple of months on the streets to experience life in the raw.
  2. 2(especially North American English) with no clothes on synonym naked He likes to walk around the house in the raw.
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