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    BrE BrE//riːtʃ//
    ; NAmE NAmE//riːtʃ//
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    of arms
  1. 1[singular, uncountable] the distance over which you can stretch your arms to touch something; the distance over which a particular object can be used to touch something else As a boxer, his long reach gives him a significant advantage. The shot was well beyond the reach of the goalkeeper. Cleaning fluids should be kept out of the reach of children. He lashed out angrily, hitting anyone within his reach. Use shears with a long reach for cutting high hedges.
  2. of power/influence
  3. 2[singular, uncountable] the limit to which somebody/something has the power or influence to do something Such matters are beyond the reach of the law. Victory is now out of her reach. The basic model is priced well within the reach of most people. The company has now overtaken IBM in terms of size and reach.
  4. of river
  5. 3[countable, usually plural] a straight section of water between two bends on a river the upper/lower reaches of the Nile (= the part that is furthest from/nearest to the sea)
  6. place far from centre
  7. 4reaches [plural] the outer, further, etc. reach of something the parts of an area or a place that are a long way from the centre the outer reaches of space the eastern reaches of the continent (figurative) an exploration of the deepest reaches of the human mind
  8. sections of organization
  9. 5reaches [plural] the higher, lower, etc. reach of something the higher, etc. sections of an organization, a system, etc. There are still few women in the upper reaches of the civil service. Many clubs in the lower reaches of the league are in financial difficulty.
  10. Word OriginOld English rǣcan, of West Germanic origin; related to Dutch reiken and German reichen.Extra examples Gorillas have a very long reach. He dreamed of exploring the outermost reaches of space. He fled abroad, beyond the reach of German prosecutors. Humans have extended their reach into space. I always keep my mobile phone within arm’s reach. Keep all medicines out of reach of children. Our $30 000 target is now well within our reach. The business is looking at ways to extend its geographic reach. The company has a worldwide reach. The global reach of the Internet has exceeded what anyone could have predicted. The house is within easy reach of the shops. The latch was just beyond her reach. The organization has a wide reach. The price puts it out of the reach of most people. The riverbank was almost in reach. There was a knife within his reach. a beach resort within reach of Bangkok a holiday town within reach of Marseilles the farthest reaches of our universe the upper reaches of the music charts The basic model is priced well within the reach of most people. Victory is now out of her reach.Idioms
    within (easy) reach (of something)
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    close to something The house is within easy reach of schools and sports facilities. Verona and Padua are both within easy reach for day trips.
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