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    BrE BrE//ˈriːdə(r)//
    ; NAmE NAmE//ˈriːdər//
    People in journalism, University people
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  1. 1  a person who reads, especially one who reads a lot or in a particular way an avid reader of science fiction a fast/slow reader The reader is left to draw his or her own conclusions. CollocationsLiteratureBeing a writer write/​publish literature/​poetry/​fiction/​a book/​a story/​a poem/​a novel/​a review/​an autobiography become a writer/​novelist/​playwright find/​have a publisher/​an agent have a new book out edit/​revise/​proofread a book/​text/​manuscript dedicate a book/​poem to…Plot, character and atmosphere construct/​create/​weave/​weave something into a complex narrative advance/​drive the plot introduce/​present the protagonist/​a character describe/​depict/​portray a character (as…)/(somebody as) a hero/​villain create an exciting/​a tense atmosphere build/​heighten the suspense/​tension evoke/​capture the pathos of the situation convey emotion/​an idea/​an impression/​a sense of… engage the reader seize/​capture/​grip the (reader’s) imagination arouse/​elicit emotion/​sympathy (in the reader) lack imagination/​emotion/​structure/​rhythmLanguage, style and imagery use/​employ language/​imagery/​humour/(especially US English) humor/​an image/​a symbol/​a metaphor/​a device use/​adopt/​develop a style/​technique be rich in/​be full of symbolism evoke images of…/a sense of…/a feeling of… create/​achieve an effect maintain/​lighten the tone introduce/​develop an idea/​a theme inspire a novel/​a poet/​somebody’s work/​somebody’s imaginationReading and criticism read an author/​somebody’s work/​fiction/​poetry/​a text/​a poem/​a novel/​a chapter/​a passage review a book/​a novel/​somebody’s work give something/​get/​have/​receive a good/​bad review be hailed (as)/be recognized as a masterpiece quote a(n) phrase/​line/​stanza/​passage/​author provoke/​spark discussion/​criticism study/​interpret/​understand a text/​passage translate somebody’s work/​a text/​a passage/​a novel/​a poem
  2. 2  a person who reads a particular newspaper, magazine, etc. readers’ letters Are you a ‘Times’ reader? See related entries: People in journalism
  3. 3an easy book that is intended to help people learn to read their own or a foreign language a series of graded English readers
  4. 4 (also Reader) a senior teacher at a British university just below the rank of a professor She is Reader in Music at Edinburgh. See related entries: University people
  5. 5(computing) an electronic device that reads data stored in one form and changes it into another form so that a computer can perform operations on it
  6. 6(specialist) a machine that produces on a screen a large image of a text stored on a microfiche or microfilm
  7. see also mind reader, newsreader
    Word OriginOld English rǣdere ‘interpreter of dreams, reader’.Extra examples Alert readers may have noticed the misprint in last week’s column. And so, dear reader, our tale comes to its end. The book is accessible to the interested reader with basic knowledge of the subject. a book that will be too difficult for the general reader a voracious reader of science fiction regular readers of this magazine
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