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    BrE BrE//relm//
    ; NAmE NAmE//relm//
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  1. 1an area of activity, interest, or knowledge in the realm of literature At the end of the speech he seemed to be moving into the realms of fantasy.
  2. 2(formal) a country ruled by a king or queen synonym kingdom the defence of the realm
  3. Word OriginMiddle English rewme, from Old French reaume, from Latin regimen ‘government’, from regere ‘to rule’. The spelling with -l- (standard from c.1600) was influenced by Old French reiel ‘royal’.Extra examples In the realm of politics different rules sometimes apply. Most readers are likely to lose interest when he descends into the realms of rhetorical terminology. Most readers are likely to lose interest when he descends into the realms of= starts discussing rhetorical terminology. Royal taxation usually had to be for the defence of the realm. The euro has moved from the realms of theory into reality. The idea belongs in the realm of science fiction. The research has opened up new realms for investigation. There was rejoicing throughout the realm. They fought to defend the realm. peace within the realm the whole realm of human intellect wealth acquired outside the realm My new project led me into the realms of psychology. Questions of consciousness lie outside the realm of physics. The Crown maintains armed forces for the defence of the realm. The great victory was proclaimed throughout the realm.Idioms
    beyond/within the realms of possibility
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    not possible/possible A successful outcome is not beyond the realms of possibility.
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