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BrE BrE//rɪˈbʌf//
; NAmE NAmE//rɪˈbʌf//
(formal) Describing unpleasant traits
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an unkind refusal of a friendly offer, request or suggestion synonym rejection Her offer of help was met with a sharp rebuff. See related entries: Describing unpleasant traits Word Originlate 16th cent.: from obsolete French rebuffer (verb), rebuffe (noun), from Italian ri- (expressing opposition) + buffo ‘a gust, puff’, of imitative origin.Extra examples Her efforts were met with a sharp rebuff. In a rebuff to the president, Congress voted against the bill. My father was too proud to risk a rebuff, so he simply did not ask her. She suffered a rebuff from her manager when she raised the matter. The party suffered a humiliating electoral rebuff in 1945.

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