Definition of recess noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary


; rɪˈses
; ˈriːses
1 [countable, uncountable] a period of time during the year when the members of a parliament, committee, etc. do not meetParliament went into its long summer recess.The court is in recess until October.2 [countable] a short break in a trial in courtThe judge called a short recess.3 (North American English) (British English break, break time) [uncountable] a period of time between lessons at school4 [countable] a part of a wall that is set further back than the rest of the wall, forming a space
a recess for books
5 [countable, usually plural] the part of a place that is furthest from the light and hard to see or get toHe stared into the dark recesses of the room. (figurative) The doubt was still there, in the deep recesses of her mind.